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    Sophia Webster LILICO SEQUIN T-BAR size 38.5 EU

    by Sophia Webster

    Regular price$200.00 Sale price$650.00

    Step into a whimsical world with these enchanting preloved Sophia Webster sandals, where playful design meets impeccable craftsmanship. Made in Brazil, these size 38.5 EU sandals boast a 9 cm heel that provides an alluring elevation while ensuring a comfortable stride.

    The sandals feature an array of delightful details: a pastel striped heel with a contrasting red cap, a charming ankle strap adorned with polka dots, and a stunning array of flowers embellishing the toe strap, creating a garden-like illusion that's bound to captivate onlookers. These unique design elements are signature to Sophia Webster's creative aesthetic, offering a blend of fun and sophistication.

    These sandals are more than just footwear; they are a statement piece that brings joy and vibrancy to any outfit. Ideal for those with a love for the extraordinary, these sandals will be the centerpiece of your ensemble, whether at a sunny garden party or a chic city event. Step into style with these Sophia Webster beauties and let your feet tell a story of fashion-forward elegance.

    Retail Price : 650 $US

    • Brand: Sophia Webster
    • Material: Leather (sole and insole)
    • Size: 38.5 EU (approx 7.5 US)
    • Heels: 9 cm
    • Condition: Very Good Preloved Condition, No Major Flaws

    * No original box or dustbag / Final Sale