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    At CANADA LUXURY, we are deeply committed to ensuring the authenticity of every item that passes through our hands.

    Our authentication process is meticulously carried out by well-trained professionals who possess extensive knowledge and experience in identifying counterfeits.
    For handbags, we utilize the world-renowned Entrupy technology, acclaimed for its accuracy and reliability.

    Entrupy employs advanced algorithms and a vast database to verify the authenticity of luxury bags with unparalleled precision.


    We maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy towards counterfeit items. In the event that any item is determined to be a counterfeit, it will not be returned to the owner.


    Instead, it will be handed over to the appropriate authorities for destruction or further investigation. This firm stance ensures that our customers can shop with absolute confidence, knowing that they are receiving genuine, high-quality products. We take pride in upholding the highest standards of integrity and authenticity in every aspect of our operations.

    All our handbags, shoes, and accessories are thoroughly examined and inspected by experts who ensure that every detail meets the quality standards established by the manufacturers: stamping, stitching, materials, date codes, serial numbers, zippers, logos, and so on.


    The Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity provides an additional financial guarantee regarding the authenticity of the product you purchase. Entrupy's technology is the most widely used in the world for detecting counterfeits, with an error rate as low as 0.9%.

    Their advanced authentication solution is powered by a combination of artificial intelligence and visual overlay, enabled by a proprietary database of millions of images of authentic and counterfeit products collected worldwide for over 10 years.


    Identifying Returns of Counterfeits


    By utilizing Entrupy's fingerprinting technology, we are able to maintain in our personal database very precise images of each item sold, similar to how authorities use fingerprints. This enables us to verify each returned item to ensure that it is indeed the same item sold and not a return of a counterfeit of the same model.

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