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    Louis Vuitton Vintage Noe Handbag

    by Louis Vuitton

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    The Noé bag holds a special place in the history of Louis Vuitton. Originally designed in 1932, it was commissioned to transport bottles of Champagne in style and care. The Noé's unique, sturdy base was crafted to hold five bottles upright, and the drawstring closure ensured they remained secure.

    This functional origin story is a testament to the brand's commitment to blending practicality with luxury. Over the years, the Noé has evolved beyond its utilitarian roots, becoming a beloved accessory in the world of high fashion. It represents the perfect marriage of form and function, making it a staple in the collections of vintage and designer handbag enthusiasts alike. Its enduring design and versatile appeal have cemented the Noé as a must-have piece for anyone seeking a touch of elegance and history in their wardrobe.

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    Category : Handbag / Sac à main

    Brand : Louis Vuitton

    Color / couleur : Monogram
    Material / Matériel : Monogram Canva & Leather
    Brand / Marque designer : Louis Vuitton
    Style / Modèle : Noe
    Date code / stamp : AR0945
    Made in : France
    Year / année : 1995
    Condition  : Good Vintage Condition


    Height / Hauteur : 35 cm
    Width / Largeur : 28 cm
    Depth / Profondeur : 19 cm