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Your trust is the most important thing for us.

So be assured that all handbags, shoes and accessories are thoroughly examined and inspected by external experts make sure that every detail corresponds in every way to the quality standards established by the manufacturers: stamping, stitching, materials, stamps of authenticity, date codes, serial number, zipper, logo, etc.

 Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity

Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity provides an additional financial guarantee. It's technology is the most widely used around the world to detect counterfeiting. It guarantees the authenticity of each item up to 99.1%.

Their state-of-the-art authentication solutions are powered by a combination of machine learning and computer vision, enab led by a proprietary database of millions of images of authentic and counterfeit products collected from all over the world.

Identify counterfeit returns

By using Entrupy's fingerprinting technology, we are able to have in our personal database, very precise images of each item sold, just as the authorities do with fingerprints. This allows us to check each item returned to ensure that it is the item sold, and not the return of the same counterfeit model. *

* Note that if a customer sends us a counterfeit item, it will be returned to the responsible authorities.