Jane Birkin, mère du célèbre sac Birkin d'Hermès n'est plus.

Jane Birkin, mother of Hermès' famous Birkin, is no more.

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Born in London on December 14, 1946, Jane Birkin passed away this Sunday, July 16, at her Paris home, aged 76. Known for her iconic style, gentle voice and versatile artistic talent, she left her mark on French culture, and her legacy includes the most famous handbag in history.

Jane Birkin's career

Jane Birkin's career began in the 1960s. Naturalized in France, she has always retained her British accent and unique vocal timbre. After a first marriage to composer John Barry, with whom she had a daughter Kate, who died in 2013, she met Serge Gainsbourg, with whom she recorded the famous duet "Je t'aime... moi non plus" in 1969, a sensual and controversial song that quickly became an international hit.

The relationship between Gainsbourg and Birkin was tumultuous, but their artistic chemistry was undeniable. Together, they recorded several albums, including "Jane Birkin - Serge Gainsbourg" in 1969 and "L'histoire de Melody Nelson" in 1971. Their musical collaboration was marked by poetic lyrics, haunting melodies and innovative arrangements, creating a unique and inimitable style.

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg released "Je t'aime... moi non plus" in February 1969. [UPI / AFP]

In addition to their musical work, Gainsbourg and Birkin also collaborated in the film industry, starring together in films such as "La Piscine" (1969) and "Catherine et Compagnie" (1975). Together, the couple had a daughter: Charlotte Gainsbourg, born in London on July 21, 1971.

Charlotte Gainsbourg's family heritage, combined with her own creativity and personal charm, has made her, like her parents, a key figure in the French film and music industry.

Jane Birkin X Hermès

The story of the Birkin bag by Hermès goes back to the early 1980s, when Jane Birkin, the British actress and singer, met Jean-Louis Dumas, the president of Hermès at the time.

During an airplane flight in 1981, Jane Birkin complained to Jean-Louis Dumas about the difficulty of finding a spacious, practical travel bag. She needed a bag that could hold all her belongings, and that was both functional and elegant. This piqued Dumas' interest, and he saw an opportunity to create a bag tailored to Jane Birkin's needs.

Thus was born the Birkin bag, a luxury leather bag that combines refined aesthetics with functionality. Hermès developed this bespoke bag in collaboration with Jane Birkin, taking into account her specific requirements. The bag was designed to be practical, spacious and versatile, while reflecting the timeless style and exceptional craftsmanship of Hermès.Jane Birkin was often photographed with her eponymous bag, contributing to its popularity and iconic status. Involved in the creation of new versions of the Birkin bag, notably by collaborating with Hermès to develop limited-edition models, she can today unashamedly be called the mother of the most famous and sought-after handbag to date.

A legendary fashion accessory embodying timeless elegance

The manufacturing process for the Birkin bag is complex and requires meticulous work by skilled craftsmen. Each bag is made entirely by hand, making it a product of exceptional quality. The finest leathers are selected and carefully worked to ensure a perfect finish. The manufacturing process can take several hours or even days, depending on the complexity and specific details of each model.

The Birkin is characterized by its iconic, instantly recognizable design. It features clean lines, impeccable finishes and distinctive metal details, such as clasps and padlocks in the shape of the H, the Hermès symbol. It is available in a variety of sizes, colors and materials, offering customization to suit individual tastes and preferences.

Since its launch, the Birkin bag has become a symbol of status and luxury. It is considered one of the most exclusive and coveted bags in the world. But while the Birkin bag has become a symbol of luxury and elegance, it is not without controversy. Over the years, concerns have been raised about the bag's production conditions, including the treatment of animals to obtain the leather used in its manufacture. These concerns prompted Jane Birkin to ask Hermès to remove her name from the bag in 2015. Since then, Hermès has taken steps to improve animal welfare practices in its supply chain.
Birkin Hermès
Despite the controversies, the Birkin bag remains one of the fashion industry's most iconic and desirable accessories. It continues to embody the timeless style and understated luxury associated with the House of Hermès. And thanks to Jane Birkin, its name will forever be engraved in fashion history.

Mrs Birkin, thank you for everything,

Sincerely, Stéphanie B.

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