Entrupy: une technologie d'authentification sans faille

Entrupy: a flawless authentication technology

Posted by Stéphanie Blanchard on

Your trust is important to us!

Therefore, rest assured that all our handbags, shoes, and accessories are meticulously examined and inspected by experts who ensure that every detail fully meets the quality standards established by the manufacturers: stamping, stitching, materials, date codes, serial number, zipper, logo, etc.

Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity

The Entrupy certificate of authenticity provides additional financial assurance regarding the authenticity of the product you are purchasing.

Entrupy's technology is the most used globally to detect counterfeits, with a margin of error as low as 0.9%.

Their cutting-edge authentication solution is powered by a blend of artificial intelligence and visual overlay technology enabled by a proprietary database of millions of images of both authentic and counterfeit products collected globally over more than 10 years.

Identifying Counterfeit Returns

Using Entrupy's fingerprint technology, we are able to have in our personal database very precise images of each item sold, much like authorities do with fingerprints. This allows us to verify each returned item to ensure it is indeed the sold item, and not a return of a counterfeit of the same model.

* Please note that if a customer sends us a counterfeit item, it will be handed over to the appropriate authorities.

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