9 règles pour identifier un sac de luxe vintage (Partie 2/2)

9 guidelines for Identifying a Vintage Luxury Bag (Part 2/2)

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In the previous article, we discussed four important tips to identify genuine luxury bags. Each luxury brand has its own distinctive features and it is important to identify them in order to differentiate authentic bags from counterfeits. These tips included examining the leather, identifying the different components, identifying the serial number and learning about the brand. In this article, we will present you the remaining guidelines for identifying a vintage luxury bag.


Examine the stitching

If there's one thing that can give away a counterfeit bag, it's the stitching. On a genuine luxury bag, the seams are uniform and clean, with no fraying. The fabric and panels should come together smoothly and seamlessly to avoid interrupting the pattern. The major brands use cotton for the stitching. So it should not be a shiny fabric.

Most of the flagship models from Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermes even have an exact number of stitches that you can count.  For quilted bags like Lady Dior or Chanel 2.55, the stitching should also be precise and not dig into the leather.


Authenticity card

Certificates like the Entrupy certificate guarantee product authenticity through artificial intelligence and image detection technology that is used in combination with their 10-year database of images of authentic and counterfeit products collected from around the world. Entrupy's technology is in fact the most used in the industry to detect counterfeiting and offers you a financial guarantee. When you make your purchase through Canada Luxury, a certificate is provided with each purchase of vintage luxury items.


Beware of "special offers"

Special offers may seem very tempting, but be wary of them. If you see a Louis Vuitton bag for $300 when they are usually worth between $800 and $3000, you should ask yourself a few questions, as it will most likely be a counterfeit.


Size of the bag

If we take for example a Chanel bag, its replicas are usually poorly constructed and have a boxy shape compared to authentic Chanel bags, this is a sign that the bag has not been turned properly and the fabric used for the bag is of poor quality.


Purchase your goods from a trusted platform

It is not advisable to purchase vintage luxury bags from online classifieds, as your purchase will not be warranted and you do not know if your purchase was properly inspected or where it came from. At Canada Luxury, our bags are inspected and we provide a certificate of authenticity for each article, then we provide you with a reliable platform to complete your purchase.

We are also available to answer your questions about various major brands in the industry.

Now that you are well informed, happy shopping!

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