5 Conseils pour rester minimaliste et durable


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We've all wondered what new outfit we might pick up for a special occasion. The urge to go out and buy a new getup has become so accessible that we sometimes forget about clothes and accessories in our own wardrobe. We splurge based on ever-changing trends. Therefore, we tend to adopt "fast fashion", which is considered as an evolution of fashion accessories manufacturing that favors low prices and quantity over quality. This segment of the fashion industry appeared about twenty years ago and has upset the way we consume. It offers different trendy models to a wider public, but this comes at a price: Fast fashion has disastrous effects on the environment and the people who work in its production.


Microfibers and other waste from the textile industry end up in the ocean and threaten marine life. Furthermore, the quality of the clothing is questionable at best. When you consider the toxic materials that go into their manufacturing process, you can see why it's beneficial for all of us to have more sustainable alternatives. Slow fashion allows you to make eco-friendly choices for your wardrobe. This new trend focuses on sustainable and less wasteful design, production and consumption. The focus is on small batch and local production rather than large quantities. These practices allow popular brands to control costs while reducing their environmental impact.


We spend so much energy focusing on the latest trends that we never get around to actually assembling a new wardrobe. Instead of shopping and replacing old items, try to shift things around by buying less. Focus your shopping on quality pieces so you can build a "capsule" wardrobe, which is about purchasing ethical and minimalist clothing and accessories. When all the garments match each other, you can create multiple outfits by alternating between them.


1. Buy used: It is becoming easier and more accessible to purchase used clothing and accessories online, whether it be through online boutiques or thrift stores that are springing up regularly.

2. Be conscious about shopping: Often, items are bought and worn only once, only to be thrown away after a few months. That's why it's important to buy pieces that will pair with the rest of your wardrobe and that you'll want to wear again.

3. Emphasize quality over quantity: Give away unnecessary clothing and accessories and embrace more intentional purchases. Having a minimalist wardrobe can help you focus on fewer, but better quality purchases. This also allows you to support a good cause and contribute in a sustainable way.

4. Change your attitude towards shopping: Your style is the way you express your personal tastes, passions and habits. It's important to take some time to figure out your own style so you can rewear your clothing, rather than impulsively buying what's on sale.

5. Take care of your belongings so they last longer: Generally speaking, buying better quality products means they will last longer and you won't have to replace them as frequently. Take the necessary precautions to keep them looking pristine by washing or treating them carefully.

Canada Luxury Signature was founded with the goal of giving luxury items a second life. We aim to encourage slow fashion in Canada and help our customers adopt a more environmentally conscious and wallet-friendly approach to their shopping! We invite you to discover our new items by following this link.

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